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Let’s start pressing great vinyl records together!

The vinyl record is known for producing a higher quality sound than that of CD or MP3, this is because it is taken directly from an analog source. Apart from this sonic value, they also have an aesthetic as well as a collectible value. All these things make it no surprise that vinyl records are making a huge comeback these days.

Here at Orange Vinyl we are not only all vinyl and music lovers, but also perfectionists. We constantly strive for high-end industry standards when pressing your LP.

Most music today is distributed in a compressed format, missing out on details and reducing the overall sound quality. To store (or stream online) thousands of audio files on a phone, they are made significantly smaller (and thus inferior) by compressing them. When pressing a vinyl record, no audio data is lost and it sounds as good as the producer or artist originally intended, making it the only audio format capable of superior high quality.

Geef kleur aan je vinyl plaat productie

Colored vinyl records

Colour your music

Give color to your vinyl

Colorful vinyl can be for sure! Black vinyl is still the basis and guarantees the best sound quality. But other colors are certainly possible. Vinyl records are made of PVC, the granulate can be made in various colours.

How about white, red, orange, yellow, different kinds of green and blue, purple, silver and gold. We can also make a transparent and translucent version of a number of colors.

Our records are available in more than 25 colors. Inquire about the possibilities.
45 rpm
Play your gramophone record at 33 or 45 rpm. Depending on the version of your record.
180 gram
You can choose from a weight of 140 or 180 grams of vinyl.
Pack in style

Choose the vinyl packaging
that suits you

A beautiful full color printed sleeve or gatefold for 1 or more vinyl records, or a sleeve that is printed in a very minimalistic way in 1 or 2 PMS colours. Together with a printed or unprinted inner sleeve, we create a beautiful gramophone record release.

If you want to add extra things to your pressing, that is of course possible. What do you think of autograph cards, booklets, CDs, a photo, a poster, download cards! We can arrange this for you and even add it. It is recommended to seal the sets, so that nothing can fall out of the set.

There is a lot possible in the field of packaging, tell us what you are looking for to achieve your dream release. Then we’ll see if we can achieve that together.

Vinyl collecte

Vinyl packaging

Request a quote for your vinyl record production.

    Your name

    Company or band name

    Email adress

    Phone number

    12" LP or Maxi

    Quantity (minimum order 200 pieces)

    Playing time

    Vinyl weight

    Vinyl colour [View the available colours]

    Outer Sleeve (semi-gloss cover without holes)

    Inner Sleeve

    Record Labels

    Test pressings




    Desired delivery date

    Comments / special wishes


    Templates Labels
    Templates packaging

    Is your desired template not listed?
    Please contact us, many different packaging forms are possible. Inquire about the possibilities.

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