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Orange vinyl | terug in de muziekscene - Zurück in die Musikszene

Back into the music scene

From September 2022, Orange Vinyl will start record pressing!

This means that the experienced team behind Orange Vinyl is returning to the music world after an absence of about 5 years.

Until 5 years ago, this team was responsible for one of the largest CD/DVD production companies in the Netherlands and Belgium in small editions. They were the innovators in this, which made it possible to produce professional CD and DVD productions in very small editions.

From now on we will come back and we will initially focus on the production of 12″ vinyl productions from 200 pieces. In addition, we will expand the range in the coming period to various merchandise/fan items and shipping items for the independently publishing artist and bands. as well as independent record labels / indies.

Terug in de muziekscene, vinyl is for lovers mug

Orange Vinyl

We are not only vinyl and music lovers, we are also perfectionists. We strive for state of the art industry standards when pressing your gramophone record production.

Our team has over 22 years of experience in the graphic and music world. We know better than anyone how to create the perfect music production for you and/or your band.

Get to know us and quickly request a quote for your vinyl record production.

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