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Vinylplatenspeler met oranje naald - Orange Vinyl
— Orange Vinyl record pressing

We stand for only the very best in vinyl record pressing! The team behind Orange Vinyl has over 22 years experience  in the music and graphics world. These years of experience come together and ensures that we are able to achieve great high-end gramophone record productions.

Pressing state of the art vinyl records, that’s what we go for. We achieve this, among other things, by using granulate of the highest quality, well-trained machine operators and, last but not least, the best equipment. That is why we also press your vinyl records on the Pheenix Alpha AD12, these machines from Sweden are also seen as the “Rolls Royce” among the vinyl record press machines.

The delivery times on vinyl record productions have been very long in recent years, delivery times of 9 to 12 months are no exception. At Orange Vinyl, the lead time is currently about 3-4 months.

The delivery time is currently strongly dependent on the situation in the world, such as the availability of raw materials and pigments and whether the Corona virus affects our staff or that of our suppliers.

Orange Vinyl record pressing stands for service in the broadest sense of the word. We are happy to help you realize your dream LP production with a lead time that is very acceptable within the current vinyl market.

With well-trained staff, our own graphics studio and a huge network of experts in the field of vinyl production, printing, merchandise and transport, we do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible. If something does not go as expected, you can expect us to do everything we can to rectify this.

— The vinyl record revival

It should come as no surprise that the gramophone record has been undergoing a revival in recent years, it is not for nothing that more vinyl records than CD’s were sold in the U.S. in 2019 for the first time in more than 30 years! You may think that these are only sales of the very greats from the past like Queen, Oasis and Nirvana, this is certainly an important group. But what about today’s stars such as Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons & Harry Styles.

Various studies confirm that vinyl records score with all generations, from baby boomers to generation Z. An ideal moment to (re)release your music on vinyl.

Orange Vinyl watermerk LP hoes
— The production process
01 01


We make lacquers from the master we received, in which the “cutter” applies the grooves of the music. The lacquers for the A and B side are made into a stamper by means of galvanic processes. In this process, the grooves appear as relief on the surface.

02 02


The stampers are polished completely smooth, after which we make the center hole and grind the edge of the stampers exactly so that it fits in the mold of the vinyl press.

03 03


The printed labels for the A and B sides of the plate are placed in the press. These are applied directly to the plate during pressing. The vinyl granulate is heated and mechanically kneaded into a biscuit. The press places it between the two stampers with the labels. The vinyl is pressed together under high pressure and the vinyl that protrudes is cut off. Then we let the gramophone records cool down before we can package them.

04 04


The cooled vinyl records can then be packed in the inner sleeves. Equipped with the inner sleeve, they are ready to be packed in a beautiful full color printed outer sleeve, these are available in many variants. Think of a single or a double (gatefold) model.

They are then carefully packed and ready for transport.

  • — Highlights

    Yes, we press on the
    Pheenix Alpha AD12

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    Pressing awesome
    colourful vinyl records

  • — Highlights

    High quality is
    the key to our success

  • — Highlights

    The music sounds
    better on vinyl

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